Bring Your "A" Game!

“This is a small testimonial letter thanking you for helping our son, Jerry. You have been a true blessing! Our son was making A’s and B’s in math in the 7th grade not knowing he was doing 5th grade and 6th grade work due to the materials he was using. Once you came aboard as his tutor you were able to recognize the problem. By applying your expertise Jerry was able to meet the requirements for his grade level and has continued to excel in his math courses. Again, thank you!”

The Gaither Family

We grow! We improve! We VIBE!

"We want to thank you for the wonderful work you have done with our daughter, Jessica. She blossomed and has grown in her abilities. We appreciate your time, talent, effort, and beautiful spirit. We look forward to continuing to work with you."

Derrick and Kim

Clarity yields confidence!

"A Special Thanks

Menika tutored my daughter, Starr Spencer, in reading comprehension. The technique and time Menika spent with Starr helped to build Starr's confidence. She now reads with progressed fluency and understanding."

Niki Spencer

Excellence is a habit, not an act. It takes practice and perseverance.




"By working with Menika I was able to gain the confidence to tackle problems that I had seen as difficult. As a result of utilizing her tutoring services I was able to gain the skills needed to excel in my class. The most phenomenal part is how involved Menika got into the subject. Her passion to learn makes her tutoring engaging and exciting."

-Jay (UNCG Student)

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.


"In 2007, I had come to a point in my life where I felt like I wasn’t “cut out” for school anymore. I struggled with time management and organizing, which was detrimental to my academic potential. I was in my junior year, placing me in the core of my major courses. Menika recognized the potential that I felt had been buried deep. She took it upon herself to ask me, just as we had heard time and time again being a Bennett Belle, “What is your purpose?” I honestly did not have an answer for her and to this day, I feel this may be why she took such an interest in ensuring that I recognized my purpose.

She began at the core of my situation with assisting me with my time management and organizing. She became a mentor in my life simply by living her own. These were areas that she greatly excelled. I initially did not need tutoring for my core classes, then I met Physiological Psychology. Although Menika was studying Biology, I sought out her assistance. She had the great ability to take my book, read and comprehend the information given; and in turn explain it to me in a manner that I was able to understand. The excitement that she possessed for learning gave me an extra push to want more for myself; and she wouldn’t accept anything less from me. I passed my Physiological Psychology course with a 98% A. She assisted in proof reading my case studies and giving me feedback as necessary. She also tutored me in my Abnormal Psychology course that I passed with a 95% A. I ended my junior year with a 3.8 GPA and moved into my senior year with a great deal of enthusiasm and determination.

Menika was definitely a strong variable in the redevelopment of my academic standings at Bennett College for Women. I am forever thankful!"

Ashley (Bennett College Alumna)