Spiritual Inspiration & Edification
So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing. 
~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11
BET Hip Hop Awards 2007: Nelly (right) and Menika (left) backstage after Nelly's performance with the Apple Bottom Drumline.
Let's VIBE!
As VIBEs we aim to consciously lift and strengthen our spirits so that we may persevere in our purpose. We recognize that we have the power, the privilege, and the responsibility to fulfill our unique life assignments. For this reason, we practice mindfulness - an attitude of curiosity, receptivity, and nonjudgmental awareness that increases our ability to experience the present moment. By nourishing our spirits, we become vessels that encourage others to do the same.
Identity In Christ
2016 Youth Assembly: “The Identity Project” (Williams Memorial CME Church – High Point, NC)

Speaking Engagements

Mindful Elite offers interactive and informative presentations to address real-life challenges and provide strategies for overcoming any obstacle. We seek to edify, inspire, and uplift VIBEs by sharing the Word and encouraging its application in daily living.

Music Lessons (Drum/Piano)

Music is a universal language that can speak to the soul and lift one’s mood. Melodies and rhythms often express what words cannot convey: it is an art that speaks to the heart. Mindful Elite recognizes that music can facilitate a release of positive energy - creating harmony within oneself and amongst other VIBEs. Therefore, we consider music to be a gift that should be shared!

BET Hip Hop Awards 2007: Wyclef (left) and Menika (right)
Sometimes, we pray and ask God to give us some grand sweeping 'sign' to let us know that it is really Him - so we can be sure of how to move forward. However, we have to be careful not to overlook the whispers - that soft, gentle guidance by the Holy Spirit. There is a miracle in the whispers.

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